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Akilah combines the gift of poetic truth-telling with a beautiful demand that we, as women, make self-expression a way of daily life. The Radical Self-Expression Manifesto gives the ‘real’ about hurting, healing, evolving, and blossoming. Prepare yourself. Akilah requires that you retrieve your YOUness and reclaim your power in a bold, transformational way.  [About Radical Self-Expression Manifesto]

Arielle Loren

Freedom Coach, Business Strategist, & Founder, Corset Magazine

This whole work that you created is for generations to come. I love. Let me say it again, LOVE. Okay, one more, L.O.V.E. how you were sympathetic and empathetic, yet matter-of-fact. I’ve discovered that is truly a sure sign of a woman that has come into her own.  Yes, hurt, cry, wail, but eventually you have got to get up and operate your “train”. Your mixtape made me appreciate my healing and the path that I am on. This is some real truth, Akilah. I believe it’s going to cause many women to search themselves and heal.
[About Radical Self-Expression Manifesto Mixtape]

Itiel McVay

Whole Woman; Wife to a King who is honored and respected; Mother to Warrior Princesses, Smell Good Spa 98

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